03 June 2010




By Syed Akbar Ali

The Bloggers met with Dato Seri Idris Jala last nite. We had a ‘vigorous’ discussion for over three hours. I will have more on that later. You can read BigDog’s take on the matter here.

Well when it comes to choosing their leaders and casting their support, the Malays in the country have changed tremendously. This includes all Malays – across the spectrum. They are beginning to have a mind of their own.

In the next General Election, the pro UMNO Malays are not likely to vote for any Chinese candidate – either from the BN component parties or from the Opposition. The Chinese component parties of the BN are possibly aware of this already – with perhaps some consequences.

The Malays are also not going to vote for the corrupt, the dunggus and the unpopular. So if UMNO fields former second hand car salesmen with fake university degrees but millions of Ringgit in their pockets then it is UMNO who is dunggu.

If UMNO fields candidates who are proven to be corrupt and associated with the failure and stupidity of the corrupt Slumberjack regime, again UMNO will be in for a shock. The Malays, particularly the UMNO Malays are NOT going to support the party on this anymore.

Now here is another shocker : if the party leadership ignores this grass roots sentiment (either because they are deaf, there are gatekeepers, they are plain stupid or they are working for a foreign power that is bent on destroying the country) it is possible that UMNO members may start chanting for another drastic change in the party’s leadership. They helped kick out the corrupt Slumberjack regime before. So Dato Najib please be forewarned. I hope someone will advise him about this.

I did not just think up this ‘another shocker’. I was talking to a senior journalist a couple of days ago who brought up all these scenarios. (Not me ok). And it was underlined by real things that are going on in the background right now. Najib may just lose his job if he does not make aggressive changes in the Cabinet, aggressive changes to the weak and poor calibre of UMNO leaders and election candidates. This is what other people are saying.

There is a new and growing phenomenon in the country which is making a big impact on what the UMNO Malays think and believe. These are the pro-UMNO Bloggers. The number of pro UMNO Bloggers is increasing. And they are reaching out to all Malays across the spectrum too (as well as non Malays) because what they want (no corruption, clean andefficient Government, efficient economic management) is what everyone else wants too.

They are extremely vocal and have a mind of their own. Some of them also have a knack for very purple language to express their frustrations. Here is an example from Marahku :

“While anyone with two brain cells to synap together would immediately leap to the obvious answer, many pro Umno/BN bloggers are beginning to wonder if any Umno/BN politicians can match the intellectual prowess of chicken shit

Many more are wondering if the current government can match the observational power of a potato and whether it has the political cunning to outwit a bowl of sambal belacan.

The current Government clearly has the communication skills of Mr Bean and without any of the charm of an idiotic alien life form...

Umno and Barisan Nasional hit rock bottom in 2008 and apart from a brief respite when Najib was made the new Prime Minister, it has since spent more time in mud therapy than a pig and I say this with full apology to the porcine.

If you detect a heavy note of anger and frustration in this posting, this is because I heard so many disturbing stories in the last week and I cannot quite understand why any of them would make sense to the people doing what they are doing...”

“intellectual prowess of chicken shit,

the observational power of a potato,

outwit a bowl of sambal belacan,

communication skills of Mr Bean,

charm of an idiotic alien life form

more time in mud therapy than a pig

Whew ! ! Pedas Bro. The other day one reporter called me and asked why this time around, post March 8th2008, there are more pro UMNO Bloggers on the Net when compared to the pro “Reformasi” blogs. I said simply because they can see through the lies, deceit, dishonesty and crookedness of the opposition.

Does anyone really, really believe that Lim Kit Siang really cares about Anwar Ibrahim’s

welfare? If you do, you too must have the ‘intellectual prowess of chicken shit’. It is just a ploy to breakdown Malay unity and reduce the pro-UMNO vote. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. When the Malays are disunited, folks like Lim Kit Siang do just fine.

Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim are just ‘fell from the sky’ opportunities to help Lim Kit Siang divide the Malay vote. There is nothing more to it than that. Of course the PAS dunggus have been playing this role for much longer.

Many Malays in UMNO can see this quite clearly. Hence the prevalence of pro-UMNO Blogs. Many Pakatan Malays have also “crossed over”. There are many names. In short it is the pro-UMNO Blogs who are now setting the pace in guiding the pro UMNO Malays’ thinking.

As for the pro Brader Blogs, they are becoming a joke.Helping them greatly in this regard is the way Karpal Singh has been instructed to delay the ongoing trial,using even the most silliest and flimsiest excuses.They asked to visit the apartment one more time – to refresh their memory, then said they could not locate the key. This cost a delay of a few hours too ( the story is the owner of the apartment – especially his wife - is none too friendly anymore towards the Brader. They sent the key through a lawyer – a funny way to treat your ‘good friend’.)

This first round of the Cabinet Reshuffle is the MCA Shuffle. After the movie star quality president was elected, the PM had to rejig the Chine bloc in Cabinet. The UMNO Bloggers are quite happy that Slumberjack’s SIL did not make it into Cabinet. The boy did look a little morose. However the talk is heavy pressure and cable pulling is being exerted to influence Cabinet appointments.

It aint over yet. The fat lady has not sung yet. I certainly hope the PM will make some real changes to the Cabinet. The big issue still is - not who gets into the Cabinet but who SHOULD NOT, including who should be DROPPED. If the PM is not aware of this, there could be much unhappiness that could spill over (on his lap).

I also heard something else that is most interesting. Press folks say they are aware that MCA and Gerakan have held a series of meetings. The discussions (they say) were on these two Chinese based parties together pulling out of the BN. The suggestion is they will do this just before the next General Elections.

This talk is nothing unusual because Gerakan Youth (Kedah and Perak) have already made clear statements that Gerakan should pull out of the BN. The MCA has also discussed this possibility in its inner councils.

But this time, the talk is Gerakan underlings have also had talks with underlings from the DAP. (Underlings? Easier to deny perhaps).

There are a few reasons for this to happen. Politically, these race based parties may see better prospects for themselves when the Malay vote is divided. That means weakening UMNO. The DAP angle could just mean presenting a solid Chinese front to the other Pakatan clowns (PAS and PKR).

The other reason is because both MCA and Gerakan are beginning to realise that not only have they lost the Chinese vote (as long as they remain in the BN) but quite possibly they have also lost the support of UMNO Malays for the next General Elections. Folks like the MCA Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong, the MP for Ayer Hitam Johor may not get the support of the UMNO Malays. At least 15 MCA MPs alone are dependent on Malay voters for their seats.

If the UMNO Malays dont vote for them, there may be very few Chinese Ministers in the Cabinet after 2013.So why hang around inside the BN and get booted out? Might as well join the Pakatan and try to redo the nation’s political landscape.

Somehow I think this will be quite suicidal for MCA and Gerakan. If Malay political power is threatened, what is the guarantee that PAS will not form an alliance with UMNO? Hadi Awang, Nasarudin Mat Isa and some others in PAS have already spoken of a ‘Unity Government’ with UMNO.

What if MCA, Gerakan and DAP jump into bed while PAS jumps out? It would be quite embarrasing for the MCA and Gerakan. I mean UMNO and PAS are race based parties too. Birds of a feather (DAP, MCA, Gerakan, UMNO, PAS) do think alike.

Having said that I do feel that the MCA and Gerakan, in their present shape and form, have outlived their shelf life in the BN. They just cannot seem to get the Chinese vote. They survive on the Malay vote. It may be better for the BN to be without their presence.

However multi racialism and multi culturalism are part and parcel of our life and the landscape. And multi racial power sharing is necessary for the health of our country. This is where I feel that UMNO must field its own Chinese candidates in the elections.

UMNO must take the cue from PAS. PAS not only fielded an Indian girl as a candidate but they are also talking of allowing non Muslims to join the party with voting powers.

UMNO should not subcontract Chinese and Indian affairs to MCA, Gerakan and MIC anymore. The party has to cater to the needs of all Malaysians as a benevolent godfather. All under the realm shall be protected and nurtured

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